Our journey began at Starbuck's in Seattle!  Hitayit is the best barista Mr. Schultz has and if you have had a drink prepared by my Tsedey, you know exactly what I'm talking bout!  If you haven't, you need to pay her a lil' visit!  

Our story starts nearly 6 years ago, I asked God for a sign and some direction to a question that I've wondered about most of my adult life.  "Would I ever find the perfect one for me, the one I would ask to marry me (because I'm only doing it once, ya'll know me)"?  This was a day before I was leaving Seattle for a friend's wedding in Negril.  The very next day in Negril I get a random call from Hitayit (whom was back home- in Ethiopia).  Now what are the odds that the day after my prayer, she happens to be going through some old numbers and stumbles across mine (we hadn't spoken in nearly 2 years at this point)?  I to this day, take Her as an absolute blessing to me from God.  We have come a very long way and have had our share of ups and downs, but through it all, she's shown me a love I'd never thought I'd be blessed to have.  We have grown closer and gained a love that is unbreakable!  A priceless love that WE don't want to live without!  We've shared 5 very special years together and are making the commitment to join our hearts and souls in Holy matrimony for an eternity - on September 15th, 2012!

The first day of forever...


This will be our first trip to Jamaica together.  Crystal clear-light blue waters, white sand beaches, long talks and romantic walks, the start of a long, healthy, prosperous and beatiful life together!  How fitting would it be to have our Honeymoon in Negril in the same city where the magic all started?

May God continue to bless us and make it so...Amen!

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