Laura Thorsen & Lucas Hoge - March 11, 2010

Laura & Lucas
Daytona Bike rally gig 2009

Our Story

We are happy to announce that we have set a date! MARCH 11, 2010 at 4:00pm Lucas and I are looking forward to a WeddingMoon at Sandals resort in Jamaica. Lucas and I met here in Nashville 2004, it didn't take long before we knew that we would be together for the rest of our lives. We are each others best friend, we tour and sing together, work together and are extremely close to our families. I was never really big on typical weddings, the whole planning process and stress is too much for me, and thankfully, Lucas agreed, so I asked him to pick the dream wedding and he said, "on the beach in a tropical location", so the rest was easy! Sandals calls them a WeddingMoon.
We have registered here at HoneyLuna because we have all the necessities for living and are simply looking forward to the wedding and honeymoon.
However for those of your who prefer the more traditional gift giving we have also registered a few items at: Thank you for visiting our site and registry and know that your gift is greatly appreciated!

Our Wedding

Anyone and everyone who would like to join us in Jamaica is more than welcome!

Lucas and I are planning a simple, quiet ceremony on the beach at 4:00pm.
We will most likely wrangle a few strangers to be our witnesses, and offer them a few drinks in exchange.

Simple and elegant are our key words, no brides maids, no decorations, no best man, just the ocean waves, the warm breeze, our love and possibly 300 other vacationers watching from a distance

Our Reception

PARTY? Oh yeah! We will be planning to have celebration parties/receptions when we return. We will have one in Hubbell, with Lucas's family and friends,
a small one in Virginia with Laura's family, one in Nashville and
one in Vegas with all our LA friends.

Then we'll need a vacation from our receptions!

A Special Message From Us

We appreciate life, each other and all our family and friends!